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Title: (^__^)~~Teratak GENG BLACKBERRY Versi 2.0~~(^__^) [Print this page]

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 13-7-2011 05:39 PM
Title: (^__^)~~Teratak GENG BLACKBERRY Versi 2.0~~(^__^)
Rumah baru sudah mari!!
Kejap lagi I carik2 info berguna dekat thread lama, tepek dekat sini so semua boleh refer dengan mudah yee..

Berkenalan dengan model model Blackberry terhangat dan popular di Malaysia

Bold 9000 - 3G model, released 2008

Bold 2 9700 - 3G model, released 2009

Bold 9780 - 3G model, released 2010

Curve 8520 - Released 2009

Curve 3G 9300 - 3G model, Released 2010

Storm 9500 - 3G model, Released 2008

Storm 2 9520 - 3G Model, Released 2009

Pearl Flip 8220 - Released 2008

Pearl 3G 9100 - 3G model, Released 2010

Torch 9800 - 3G model, Released 2010

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 13-7-2011 05:45 PM

Blackberry 101!

Hey there! Welcome to Blackberry 101 Class. This subject falls under BB101, which will provide the BB-convert and those soon-to-be, all the BASICS information about the Blackberry smartphone. Ok guys, let's go!


You are planning to buy a Blackberry smartphone. Anyhow, you don't have any idea on Blackberry. It's like a completely alien for you. Here I list down basic steps as a guide for new BBians out there.

1. What Is Blackberry
According to Wikipedia, BlackBerry is a line of wireless mobile devices developed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). While including smartphone applications (address book, calendar, to-do lists, etc.) as well as telephone capabilities on newer models, the BlackBerry is primarily known for its ability to send and receive e-mail wherever it can access a wireless network of certain cellular phone carriers. It commands a 20.8% share of worldwide smartphone sales, making it the second most popular platform after Nokia's Symbian, and is the most popular smartphone among business users. Somehow, its target audience is expanding today.

2. Where To Buy A Blackberry Device?
You have 2 major choice when it comes to where to buy a Blackberry device. From the telcos and from the retailers. From the telcos including Maxis, Celcom, and Digi. Whereby, you may also buy the device from other retailers such from Lowyat Plaza, Digital Mall, Sg. Wang Plaza and other phone retailer who also sell Blackberry device.

Note: There's no different in term of specifications buying Blackberry device from telcos or from retailers but there's issue in term of warranty. The telcos will provide you at least a year period of warranty and you can claim from them if you have experience any problem regarding your device. But, if you planning to buy from retailer, you have to consider that they will not provide any warranty or warranty under the retailer only.

3. I Bought My Device. Yay! Is it unlocked?
What is unlocked? Unlocked here means, you may use the device with any telco you want. Same as normal phone. If you buy your device from the telcos, it is 100% unlocked. But if you buy it from the retailers, please ask them whether your device is unlocked or not. Click here to find more how to check whether your device is unlocked or not.

4. My Device Has Tattoo!
Tattooed device is normal. Retailers brought them from overseas and sell them here in Malaysia. Most of the tattoo including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Verizone and Rogers. Most of the telcos sell devices with no tattoo, but so far, only Celcom has Vodafone tattoo on its devices.


Now you have a Blackberry smartphone! In order to fully utilize your phone, you have to subscribe to BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). Here I list down basic things that you really have to know before you subscribe to BIS.

1. What is BIS?
BIS is a service that allows POP3 and IMAP email integration for the personal user. It allows up to 10 email accounts to be accessed, including many popular email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. There are also special bundles for just Myspace, Facebook, & MSN as well.

2. My Device Has WiFi Function. I Don't Need BIS.
You are WRONG honey. Blackberry device is not like normal device which can use the WiFi connection instead of network mobile internet. If you not subscribe to BIS, you can't even use the WiFi function. All the apps, messengers, all cannot be used. Even you can't send and received MMS. In other word, without subscribing to BIS, your Blackberry device is just like a normal phone. Read more here.

3. What Telco Provides BIS?
- Maxis
- Celcom
- DiGi

All those are for postpaid users. If you are prepaid user, here are telcos that provide BIS for prepaid users.
- Hotlink
- Xpax
- DiGi Blackberry Prepaid

4. How Do I Know When my BIS Is Activated?
You may find that you activated when edge turns to EDGE, or 3g turns to 3G with BB logo.

According to Sonyclie77, sometimes even when you see EDGE in caps, you might not be connected to the BIS network. To check, please do the following:

- BlackBerry menu - Manage Connections - Service Status
- Under BlackBerry Internet Service, it should read:
- Connection: Mobile Network.
- Then you're connected to the BIS network.

According to kchow24, to confirm your BIS is working, you may also check this:
- Option,
- Advanced Option,
- Host Routing Table

The table should show you some kind of code numberings, that mean your BIS is ON, if no data, call your telco and complain.

5. BB PIN?
In every Blackberry device, there will be a PIN. This PIN is needed if you want to use Blackberry Messenger. The PIN is already there in your device. According to kchow24, at the Home screen, by pressing "alt" + "shift" + "H". It's will show the phone data and etc.

Extra : The pin will stay in the device. It can't be wipe off or it can't be erased.

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 13-7-2011 05:45 PM
Title: Tips membeli/memastikan anda tidak terbeli Blackberry palsu/recon
Post Last Edit by rayna_raynes at 13-7-2011 17:48

Tips memastikan anda tidak terbeli Blackberry palsu/recon/China Set

p/s: For newbies, Device/Handheld adalah nama panggilan untuk handset anda :p


Dekat Home Screen, tekan

alt + shift + H

Dan skrin sebegini akan terpapar (berbeza mengikut model tapi seharusnya mengandungi maklumat yang sama)

PIN anda akan terpapar. Tapi sekiranya di ruangan PIN tertulis Suspended, itu beerti device tersebut adalah device yang dilaporkan sebagai dicuri. Jangan beli Blackberry tersebut!

Sekiranya anda tidak mendapat skrin sebegini, Blackberry anda adalah palsu! Jangan beli Blackberry tersebut!

Untuk memeriksa samaada device anda adalah baru ataupun set used atau recon (baikpulih dan dijual sebagai set baru)

Pergi ke Options > Status > Type: BUYR [untuk keypad QWERTY] - BB Bold, Curve etc


Options > Status > Type: BUZR [untuk keypad QWERTZ] - BB Pearl etc

akan dapat skrin sebegini

Ini adalah contoh device yang baru (belum pernah digunakan)

Kadang2 anda akan menemui device yang ada sedikit penggunaan data/voice. Ini mungkin kerana device anda pernah digunakan untuk testing purposes. Kalau nilai penggunaan tu kecik je, boleh diabaikan.


Kalau jumlah penggunaan data dan voice agak tinggi seperti ini, device tersebut adalah used/recon set.

Untuk memeriksa samaada set anda adalah locked set atau tidak,  pergi ke Options > Advanced Options > SIM CARD > Type: MEPD

Anda akan dapat skrin sebegini

Ini beerti device anda adalah fully unlocked, dan boleh digunakan bersama mana2 simkad

Tetapi sekiranya anda mendapat skrin sebegini

Ini bermakna set anda adalah locked set dan hanya boleh digunakan bersama simkad pengeluarnya sahaja.

Semua telco di Malaysia menjual BB yang telah diunlock. So, tak ada masalah untuk anda membeli dari mana2 telco dan bebas menggunakannya dengan mana-mana simkad di Malaysia.

Sekian. Harap mereka yang arif boleh membetulkan sekiranya saya ada membuat kesilapan

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 13-7-2011 05:46 PM
Title: Senarai pakej BIS untuk Blackberry
Post Last Edit by rayna_raynes at 13-7-2011 21:38

1) Maxis - Monthly (RM 98/month), Weekly (RM 28/month), Daily (RM 2.50/day)
2) Digi - Unlimited - BBM, Social, Email, Browsing (RM 2/day), BBM+Social (RM 1/day), BBM + Email (RM1/day) BBM Only (RM 0.50/day)
3) Celcom - From RM 0.50/day for BBM only package. (sorry can't find complete info abt celcom prepaid BIS current plan)
4) UMobile - Daily (RM 1.50/day), Weekly (RM 10/week), Monthly (RM 40/month)
5) Tune Talk - BIS: RM 0.98/day or RM 28/month. BBM+IM: RM 0.38/day or RM 11/month. Downloading data will be charged RM 0.05/MB


1) Maxis -
BIS Entry          250MBRM40
BIS Standard500MB
          (enjoy an additional
            500MB FREE if you
            sign up for a contract*)
BIS Advance6GBRM120

Extra usage will be charged at 10sen/10KB

2) Digi

RM 68/month for unlimited internet + RM 10/month for BIS. Data 3MB/month, extra usage will not be charged

3) Celcom-
Plan NameBlackBerry®
Monthly ChargeRM 38RM 58RM 88RM 118
Data Allocation300 MB1 GB3 GB5 GB
All BlackBerry® Plans come with BlackBerry® Internet Service which includes up to 11 push email accts, Social
                Networking - (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace ), Instant Messaging (BlackBerry® Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Windows
                Live Messenger, Google Talk & ICQ), Internet browsing & tethered modem capable (FUP based on Plan choosen) &
                access to BlackBerry® Apps World.
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 13-7-2011 05:46 PM
Title: Tips menjimatkan bateri Blackberry anda
Post Last Edit by rayna_raynes at 13-7-2011 21:45

ni tips untuk increase battery life untuk Blackberry

1. Turn off GPS if you're not using it
2. Change your backlight level. The bigger the screen, and brighter the backlight, lagi banyak power diperlukan. I use the lowest level on my phone and it is still quite bright to me
3. Turn off wifi/bluetooth kalau xguna
4. Kurangkan penggunaan vibrate
5. Kalau guna apps yang auto refresh (i,e Twitter, Uber), set kan timing supaya tempoh masa lebih lama. Lebih kerap ianya refresh, makin cepat battery drain
6. Close/exit properly apps yang tak digunakan
7. Put phone in standby if not in use. Kalau time mmg tak perlukan fon atau apa2, you can shut down your phone to conserve battery much further
Author: aL_Fresco    Time: 14-7-2011 05:34 PM
aku pengguna Bold 9780!!
dah sebulan 8 hari..!
Bb memang menepati citarasa..!!
guna prepaid maxis..
so far so good!!
sekali dah berry, tak mau tukar lagi..!!!

Author: aL_Fresco    Time: 14-7-2011 05:37 PM
pada aku..
kalo nak jimat pakai BB..
pakai la prepaid..

tp kene la disiplin kan..
kalo nak download banyak2 atau tgk video kat Youtube,
baik pakai PC..!!!

kalo setakat FB, BBm, Twitter, YM tu..
guna prepaid ok lagi..

kadang2 bukan apa.. bayar beratus2 sebulan
utk sesuatu yang kita tidak gunakan sepenuhnya adalah amat membazir..
Author: carihairil    Time: 15-7-2011 07:37 AM
pakej bb lite utk digi pn ckup murah dan agak berbaloi... rm43 per month

tp bab calling jer flat rate dan agak mahal. sms 10 sen n call 15 sen...

yg lain tetap superb
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 16-7-2011 12:34 PM
Cara membuat Browser kita lebih pantas (OS4 & OS5)

Sering kali Browser kita  lambat untuk membuka content link yang kita pilih. Berikut adalah tips & tricks agar browser kita bisa lebih í░cepatí▒ :

- ke Browser, klik menu, lalu ke Options, setelah itu ke Browser Configuration: lakukan un check ☑ JavaScript box

- ke Browser, klik menu, lalu ke Options setelah itu ke General Properties, cari Image Quality, pilih Low (faster)

- ke Browser, klik menu, lalu ke Options setelah itu ke General Properties, cari Repeat Animations setting. Defaults nya adalah 100, rubah menjadi 10

- ke Browser, klik menu, lalu ke Options setelah itu ke Cache Operations, lakukan Clear History: Content Cache, Pushed Content dan Cookie Cache
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 16-7-2011 01:16 PM
Langkah-langkah utk melakukan upgrade Operating System (OS) on  Blackberry (BB) :p/s: source dr website Indon. aheks :p
Author: medangtamang    Time: 17-7-2011 10:50 PM
Fuhh... dah macam2 Blackberry 101 dah ni... lengkap abis tutorial... hehehe!! Aku baru pakai 9800 (Torch) tak sampai sebulan... ada laa dalam 2 minggu lebih kot?? Ni history BB aku :

Curver 8520 --> Storm 2 --> Bold 2 --> Pearl Flip --> Torch --> ??? (mungkin BB 9900)

So far aku memang berpuas ati dengan BB... BB semestinya BEST!!!

*once you go black you will never turn back! Blackberry!
Author: card_reader    Time: 18-7-2011 01:15 AM
wa guna BB model lama je 8320......
kecik molek je......
Author: card_reader    Time: 20-7-2011 02:57 PM
wa ada pertanyaan sikit tentang BB tour 9630, kenapa x boleh nak cek status user dia...
Author: mirage_46    Time: 21-7-2011 11:48 AM
bold 4 nk kuar erk?
Author: Zep    Time: 21-7-2011 05:26 PM ... al-ganti-bis-bonus/

Alaa, Maxis BIS yang 20 ringgit sebulan lepas ni dah takde. siot lah maxis nih.
Aku dah la pengguna social apps + email. susah la dah tak support push mail pasni.
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 21-7-2011 10:03 PM
Post Last Edit by dealova_fan at 21-7-2011 22:05

Reply 15# Zep

hah? takde dah???
fuh..baru je nak try..sib baik tak amek lagi

owh...dia buat pakej mcm digi jgk..
rm1 sehari..sesape yg dah gune cer bg testi
Author: flyzpiz    Time: 21-7-2011 11:34 PM
halo2...nak tnye ade prob la...

mcm ni...ak pkai bb bold 7980....msalahnye time aku top up je msti hilang duit rm 1 setiap sejam...nak kate mslah telco bukan...sebab aku dah try guna clcom kat hndset laen.. x de plak hilang kredit...susah la cm ni....ade sape2 tau????
Author: carihairil    Time: 23-7-2011 01:17 AM
aku bru beralih drp DiGi BIS postpaid kepada celcom BIS....

hasilnya, walaupun coverage 3G ada pada celcom... tapi speed sme mcm main DiGi yg bercoverage GPRS.... SNGT2 teruk... tp ni lah yg pling murah... rm25 per month...
pakej baru celcom prepaid....

pnah pakai daily maxis punya.....

memang terbaikkkkkkk dr segi speed internet.. tp skrg sngt MAHAL
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 23-7-2011 03:11 PM
Title: Model2 terbaru BB
Post Last Edit by rayna_raynes at 22-1-2012 23:56

Curve 9360 - Released August 2011

Bold 9790 (bukan Bold 5 ye..) - Released December 2011

Curve 9380 - Released December 2011

Bold Touch 9900 (Bukan Bold 4 ye kawan kawan) - Released August 2011

Torch 9810 - Released August 2011

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 23-7-2011 03:24 PM
Post Last Edit by rayna_raynes at 29-3-2012 11:43

It would appear that Research in Motions 2012 road map will consist of a couple of new BlackBerry 7 running Curves, a new PlayBook with HSPA+, and 2 new BlackBerry 10 devices, the BlackBerry London and a full QWERTY keyboard plus touch screen addition to the [color=!important]BlackBerry Bold line.
Hereí»s what BGR had to say about it:

This list, of course, isní»t etched in stone and there may be a few minor changes, however, this is probably a pretty good indication of what RIM will have coming out this year.
Author: carihairil    Time: 23-7-2011 04:05 PM
Reply  carihairil

Hairil, u mobile pun murah kan? 28 ringgit sebulan?
rayna_raynes Post at 23-7-2011 15:11

    sy byk berada kat tmpt yg luar bandar... so rsenye celcom better than others,,, tp u moile pnye coverage kat kg2 mcm mne kak??
bkn ke die guna platform digi jgk.... so mknanye coverage die mmg susah la 3G....
lg pn yg teramik celcom ni sbb murah jer.... dh pakai 2 hari... satisfaction level 6/10...
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 23-7-2011 07:10 PM
Title: Lagi model blackberry terbaru 2012

Bold 9790, released Nov 2011

Blackberry Porsche P9981, released Oct 2011

Curve 9320, released May 2012

Curve 9220 released April 2012

Last edited by rayna_raynes on 7-12-2012 11:08 PM

Author: lostnfaun    Time: 23-7-2011 11:42 PM
pada aku..
kalo nak jimat pakai BB..
pakai la prepaid..

tp kene la disiplin kan..
kalo nak do ...
aL_Fresco Post at 14-7-2011 17:37

ko guna prepaid jgk ke? guna telco mana?

nk tnya la klu guna BB nie kite bleh bkk porem cari ke website tak? klu bleh bgs jgk bleh berporem spai patah jari...
Author: flyzpiz    Time: 23-7-2011 11:43 PM
Reply 20# rayna_raynes

   b4 ni pkai celcom yg daily rm 1 tu..skrang ni dah tukar maxis yg rm 30 per month...3rd applications cm foursquare,who is it,smiley pack,battery saver,text smileysfancy smileys n yg len cm fb,twitter,my space,ym..tu je la
Author: aL_Fresco    Time: 23-7-2011 11:54 PM
ko guna prepaid jgk ke? guna telco mana?

nk tnya la klu guna BB nie kite bleh bkk porem cari  ...
lostnfaun Post at 23-7-2011 23:42

boleh je..
Author: lostnfaun    Time: 24-7-2011 12:18 AM
boleh je..
aL_Fresco Post at 23-7-2011 23:54

maxis dgn digi dgn celcom mana lg murah & bagus ek?
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 25-7-2011 03:01 PM
Me guna postpaid maxis..Unlimited BIS RM138 per month..
Mahal giler tp puas hati..x penah buat hal lg setakat nie walaupon ceruk kg mane pon me masuk...
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 25-7-2011 03:05 PM
Nak tnye sket..kalo pkai BB midel same tp pakai package lain kualiti gmbr tue xkn sama eh??
Maksud me, me pkai BIS maxis, kawan me pkai Celcom tp dua2 menggunakan model BB yg same tp kualiti gmbr kami x same...gambar me lg ok dari kawan pasal BB punya setting???Maap kalo soklan nie nmpk b*d*h..
Author: kuntakpindek    Time: 25-7-2011 03:06 PM
baru semalam beli BB bold 3
x guna pun lagi...belek skit2 je
beli pun sb tgk kemain lg asben dok ngadap BB dia ....mcm best je
dia amik kaler putih..aku amik kaler hitam...

aku cadang guna prepaid je
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 25-7-2011 06:40 PM
Reply 28# TapaiMasam

Kualiti gamba mcmana tu? Upload?
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 25-7-2011 08:43 PM
nak tanye.. if dah buat data backup.. if x bole restrore sbb pe ek ?
die kuar " the data was not recognize by the desktop"
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 25-7-2011 09:12 PM
Backup manual xbleh?
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 25-7-2011 10:29 PM
backup manual camne ?
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 26-7-2011 10:31 AM
Reply 30# rayna_raynes

Kita snap photo bila buat perbandingan kualiti gambar tue lain sket...bukan me jer yg kena..kawan me pon same...dua2 pkai BB Curve..sorang guna maxis dan lg sorg guna celcom..bila snap photo yg sama kualiti gambar tue lain..yg pkai maxis gmbr lg cantik...
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 26-7-2011 11:02 AM
Reply 34# TapaiMasam

    hmm..pelik jugak..sebab secara logiknya ambik gamba bukan guna line..this must be camera hardware quality lah kot, ataupun kesan dr penggunaan screen protector, mungkin kebetulan je sorang pakai line celcom sorang pakai maxis. cuba swap phone then ambik gambar, tgk macamana quality.

tp personally i think it's the quality of the hardware la, takde kaitan pun dengan line. mungkin set yang celcom jual tu tidak manufactured di tempat yang sama dengan set maxis
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 26-7-2011 11:06 AM
Reply 35# rayna_raynes

Ok pon pelik..mungkin kebetulan mcm tue...
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 26-7-2011 11:43 AM
maxis dgn digi dgn celcom mana lg murah & bagus ek?
lostnfaun Post at 24-7-2011 00:18

ade comparison dekat depan tu. sila baca
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 26-7-2011 12:04 PM
Reply 33# akubudakmuor

    sori. aku baru tgk balik jawapan aku. bukan backup manual. restore manual.

Restoring BlackBerry smartphone data
To restore data that is in your on-board device memory, mass storage mode must be turned on.
Note: All files that are stored on your BlackBerry smartphone are deleted before the backup file is restored.  
Author: United    Time: 26-7-2011 02:05 PM
Blackberry 101!

Hey there! Welcome to Blackberry 101 Class. This subject falls under BB101, ...
rayna_raynes Post at 13-7-2011 17:45

   ada sikit yg agak tesilap dalam ni.... kalau xde amek BIS pun still boleh guna WIFI ...... buat cam bese je.... on data servis... pastu tukar setting dari mobile network ke HOTSPOT BROWSER.....
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 26-7-2011 07:45 PM
Reply 38# rayna_raynes

    aku dah try click restore file yg dh backup tu... blik clik restore.. kuor error "the data was not recognized by the desktop" camne ek ? sbb aritu BB rosak.. pastu kedai exchange ngan new set BB.. then bile nak masuk backup data tu dlm BB baru.. xleh sbb mintak passwed padahal aku xde letak passwed.. pastu die ckp nanti die try.. so dlm semnggu aku call blk.. die ckp.. data tu corrupted.. xleh gune..

aku plak xde wat backup data sblm gi kedai... tu yg aku soh kedai email backup data tu.. nak try wat xleh jugak.. aduihhhhh tekanan...

any suggestions ?
Author: lostnfaun    Time: 27-7-2011 09:39 AM
antara dua prepaid plan nie mana yg berbaloi ek?

Unlimited access just got even better!
• BlackBerry® Messenger • BlackBerry® Browser • Facebook • Windows Live Messenger • Yahoo! Messenger • Twitter • Blogs and so much more!

Enjoy DiGi Prepaid™ BlackBerry Unlimited at RM25/month!

-The service provided under this plan includes all services for BlackBerry® Internet Service.
-The Prepaid Blackberry plan shall include the purchase of the selected plan together with the Blackberry device. The subscriber shall not be allowed to purchase the Blackberry device without the plan.
-Unlimited browsing is only applicable within the BlackBerry® device only. Tethered modem or browsing with non-BlackBerry® devices is not included in this plan. data usage is capped at 50 MB per day for daily plan and 500 MB for monthly plan. usage shall be charged as per Daily Max Cap 8.
-The daily subscription for daily plan shall take effect from 12:00pm and end at 11:59am on the next day.
-By signing up for this service, auto renewal shall take effect on a daily or monthly basis at approximately 12:00pm subject to sufficient credit

BlackBerry on Prepaid

Choosing a BlackBerry® service may be tricky, that's why we've laid it out for you.
Plan        Fee        Volume        Features
-BBM® with Xpax        50 sen/day 50 MB/day Unlimited access for BlackBerry® Messenger.
-BlackBerry® Social        RM 1/day        50 MB/day Unlimited access to social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and more.
-BlackBerry® Advance        RM 2/day        50 MB/day        Unlimited access to everything. Surf the net, check emails, social media applications, instant messaging and more.

-Weekly Advance        RM 8/week        100 MB/week
-Monthly Advance        RM25/month        250 MB/month
Terms and conditions:

BlackBerry® Advance Plan (daily, weekly and monthly)
• The service provided under this plan includes all services for BlackBerry® Internet Service.
• Unlimited browsing is only applicable within the BlackBerry® device only. Tethered modem or browsing with non-BlackBerry® devices is not included in this plan.
• Data Usage is capped at 50 MB per day for daily plan, 100 MB for weekly plan and 250 MB for monthly plan. Additional usage shall be charged at RM0.10/10kb.
• The daily subscription for daily plan shall take effect from 12:00am and end at 11:59pm on the same day. By signing up for this service, auto renewal shall take effect on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at 12:00am subject to sufficient credit.

-Subscribe to BlackBerry® prepaid access now! Just dial *118# and follow the simple steps to sign up.
Alternatively, you can type BB[space]ON and send to 28882 to register for the daily plans.

selain tue nk tnya skali bb nie jgk bleh bt sbg modem kn..klu kite bt sbg modem bleh cpt rosak ke? ada efek apa2 x?

klu xmslh igt nk terminate broadband just guna BB je lgpn kt umah ada streamyx, byk sgt mcm membazir plak..

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 27-7-2011 05:45 PM
Reply 41# lostnfaun

Berbaloi atau tidak bgantung kepada line di kawasan ko. Tak guna pakej murah kalau line slow mcm siput kan?
Tp dr yg aku selalu dengar dr org, maxis and digi yang paling kurang komplen, tp aku tak ambik kira servis tune talk and umobile lg. So maybe ko kena test semua line, guna yang prepaid punya dulu, cuba sehari dua, then baru ko buat pilihan.
Author: ajercrazy    Time: 27-7-2011 07:05 PM
nak tanya laa..

skrg ni bluetooth BB bold 2 ni problem..x boleh nak connect dgn hp lain..
dah try update software tp software tu x boleh install kat lappy yg me guna ni..
x tau laa nape....geram gak byk kali dah try...
so ada cara lain x nak betulkan bluetooth tu?
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 27-7-2011 07:47 PM
huwaa..xde org reply pon post aku.. so mmg xde rezeki aku nak dpt balik data tu la ye ? huhuhuhuhu...
Author: lostnfaun    Time: 27-7-2011 10:52 PM
cuba ko try post kt forum carigold atau lowyat myb blh dpt jwpn...

thread nie on off x sume org bkk forum nie 24jam, kdg2 soklan aku pn 2,3 ari br bejawab...
Author: lostnfaun    Time: 27-7-2011 10:54 PM
Reply  lostnfaun

Berbaloi atau tidak bgantung kepada line di kawasan ko. Tak guna pakej murah ka ...
rayna_raynes Post at 27-7-2011 17:45

tq kakak, so far kt tmpt sy nie digi dgn celcom ok...myb try digi dlu tgk cane...
esk try subcribe digi unlimited yg rm25 tue tgk cane servis die...
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 27-7-2011 11:53 PM
Reply 45# lostnfaun

    ohhh okies.. thanks...
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 28-7-2011 10:17 AM
Reply 43# ajercrazy

Blackberry ni kalau nak connect bluetooth, ko kena pair device dulu. Untuk pair device, go to manage connections > on bluetooth >
Then go to bluetooth options > paired device > klik BB button > pair device.

Lepas device tu di pair baru ko bleh anta data ke dan dari phone tu
Author: ajercrazy    Time: 28-7-2011 10:21 AM
Reply 48# rayna_raynes

    mmg dah paired x boleh send..bluetooth connection failed gitu..

dah try pair dgn mcm2 model hp..
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 28-7-2011 11:41 AM
nak tanya laa..

skrg ni bluetooth BB bold 2 ni problem..x boleh nak connect dgn hp lain..
dah tr ...
ajercrazy Post at 27-7-2011 19:05

Yup me pon ade masalah yg sama...
Dah lah me x reti sgt godek BB nie..
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 28-7-2011 11:44 AM
Ade sape2 yg pakai BlackBerry PlayBook???
Best tak...
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 29-7-2011 10:23 AM
me tengah try hotlink daily bis RM1 tu..
so far oklah..
tengah try jgk facebook 2.0 for bb ;)
korang dah upgrade ke fb for bb?
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 29-7-2011 10:31 AM
Reply 52# dealova_fan

    dah update.

btw siapa yang guna facebook for blackberry 2.0 (Beta), this upgrade fixes the sound notification bug, lepas tu notification dia rasa lg smooth and tak lagging cam beta version (for beta testers)

kalau anda upgrade dari facebook 1.9 to 2.0, bersedia dengan interface baru yang hampir serupa dengan versi iphone/android
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 29-7-2011 10:36 AM
Reply 53# rayna_raynes

betul3x...setuju dgn rayna
mmg cun dia fb 2 ni..
sbelum upgrade i dulu, fb notification kdg2 ada kdg2 takde..
tp dah upgrade far tak penah miss...

tp 1 thing je tak sure..
kalo ada org posting kat group fb..
adakah kita masih tak dpt notification?
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 29-7-2011 02:35 PM
owh...nak tanye..
ada ke ek stylus pen utk blackberry?
Author: TapaiMasam    Time: 29-7-2011 05:45 PM
Me baru jer upgrade fb for bb..
Best beb mcm iPhone daa...
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 29-7-2011 07:55 PM
BB rasanya xperlu stylus kot? Semua capacitive screen, no? (Storm, torch, upcoming bold touch)
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 29-7-2011 08:47 PM
Reply 57# rayna_raynes

owh ye ke..kdg2 kalo touch pon..kena touch 2 3  kali kekeke..
tp tak selalu lah..kadang2 je
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 29-7-2011 08:47 PM
Reply 56# TapaiMasam

kannnn...cun je..
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 29-7-2011 09:32 PM
aah cun sehh FB baru ni.. hehehe me like ! heheheeh.. tp agak lagging kekadang.. hang kejap...huhuhuu
Author: hiv_boyz    Time: 1-8-2011 01:25 PM
2 la pasal..dah best dah fb lagging..nk buka notification pastu nk back blk mesti sangkut2..mayb ram xcukup power kot..kena pkai 9780 la..keh3..arap2 fb kuar update baru,improved blk yg laging2 ni..
Author: dealova_fan    Time: 2-8-2011 11:25 PM
heh? lagging ke? aku pakai torch hokey jah {:1_137:}
Author: missyqaldina    Time: 3-8-2011 10:40 AM
nak tnyeee la brader2 kt ni....
i nak transfer pix from my bb kt my lappy..
pstu bila connet pkai usb drive..
bukak folder camera kan...pix yg lama2 boleh view..
start pix bulan 7 haritu..xleh view..
and xleh nak lappy or pc...
and dia ade tulis jpeg.rem....apekah rem ituuu?????
cmne nak buat eaaaa???kene virus ke bb i nii??
Author: tok_hoi    Time: 3-8-2011 03:15 PM
Reply 63# missyqaldina
jpeg.rem tu...try rename...delete .rem tu...ujung nama file tgglkan .jpeg jer...

Author: missyqaldina    Time: 4-8-2011 09:47 AM
Reply 64# tok_hoi

   dah buat...xleh jugak..hmmm...
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 4-8-2011 10:25 AM
Post Last Edit by rayna_raynes at 4-8-2011 10:28

Reply 65# missyqaldina

    tried googling and i got this:

Finally GOT it working!

For some reason, all my pictures taken had been saved with .rem extension at the end meaning encrypted, I've had trouble trying to find a way to open up those pictures on my computer/laptop other than e-mailing them back to myself.

So after some reading, I managed to turn off all encryption and did a software update on my BB 9000 Bold.

The pictures taken are now saved with just .jpg, which is great! But what about the old pictures?

a method i saw is, first make sure encryption is off! (test by taking new picture), then going go MEDIA -> EXPLORE, create a new folder and MOVE the encrypted picture ONE by ONE which would decrypt it, turning it back to .jpg. It does work... but it will take you A MILLION YEARS to do one by one. In my case.. i had a 1000+ pictures.

Since Media Explorer doesn't support multiple select, i started looking for options... I first used a freeware/donateware BBFileScout... which chickened out on my when I was trying to move encrypted file saying that it might not open..

So i downloaded a trial version of File Manager Pro. I selected multiple files and moved it... and guess what...... IT WORKED!!!! =)

my life is now free again!

hope this would help other forum members!!!!               

Author: aeryhz    Time: 5-8-2011 09:14 AM
fb baru best... 4sq br pon best....
Author: Zep    Time: 5-8-2011 09:56 PM
RIM officially announces - the Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and 9860

Seperti mana yang dinantikan, akhirnya, kini Research In Motion, iaitu syarikat disebalik BlackBerry telah pun memperkenalkan sehingga lima peranti baru yang mana akan menggunakan sistem operasi terbaru mereka, iaitu BlackBerry OS 7, dan akan mula dijual tidak lama lagi.

Seperti sedia maklum, dua daripada peranti tersebut telah diperkatakan dan diperkenalkan sejak sebelum ini lagi, iaitu BlackBerry Bold 9900 dan juga BlackBerry Bold 9930 yang mana turut juga dipanggil sebagai BlackBerry Bold Touch, dimana masing-masing membawakan sokongan skrin sentuh dan juga papan kekunci QWERTY padanya. Seperti pernah diperkatakan sebelum ini, ianya turut sama didatangkan dengan sokongan NFC padanya.

Selain Bold Touch, Research In Motion turut sama memperkenalkan sehingga tiga model BlackBerry Torch yang baru, iaitu BlackBerry Torch 9810, 9850 dan juga 9860. Seperti Torch sebelum ini, Torch 9810 membawakan skrin seluas 3.2-inch, manakala Torch 9850 dan juga 9860 membawakan skrin sebesar 3.7-inch padanya.

Seperti diperkatakan pada awal artikel, kelima-lima peranti ini akan didatangkan bersama-sama dengan BlackBerry OS 7 padanya, dan masing-masing didatangkan dengan cip pemprosesan 1.2GHz dan juga memori sebanyak 768MB RAM.

Kesemua peranti tersebut akan diperkenalkan dipelbagai pasaran terpilih bermula bulan ini diseluruh dunia.

*Kredit -
Author: Zep    Time: 5-8-2011 10:00 PM
The BlackBerry Media event in London just concluded and this is what we've got so far: the new BlackBerry Bold (previously known as Bold Touch) 9900/9930 (UMTS/CDMA), the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Torch 9860/9850 (UMTS/CDMA), which was previously rumored by the names of BB Touch and Monza. All the devices are powered by single-core 1.2GHz processors with 768MB RAM and all have NFC support.

The BlackBerry Bold (also known as Bold Touch) is the thinnest BlackBerry device so far at 10.5mm. It runs the BlackBerry OS 7, and utilizes a 1.2GHz CPU, 8 gigs of expandable memory and a 2.8" VGA (640x480) 287 dpi (close to the Retina's 326 dots per inch) capacitive touchscreen. It has a 5 MP autofocus camera with 720p video recording. In terms of looks, it takes after the previous line of Bold devices with no significant changes to the exterior. It's made out of high-quality brushed stainless steel.

The BlackBerry Torch 9810 is a touchscreen device with a slide-down QWERTY keyboard. It has 253 dpi screen, 1.2GHz processor, NFC chip and will be powered by the BlackBerry OS 7. The Torch 9860 will be 11.5mm thick with a 15:9 aspect ratio screen, which is 3.69" with a WSVGA (800x480) resolution with 253 dpi. It also has 5 MP camera with autofocus and 720p video recording. Prior to this official announcement, the Torch 9860 was know by its codename, Monza.

Next up, we have some info about the upcoming BlackBerry OS 7 - it will have instantly responsive, fluid animations and a new interface engine. The OS 7 browser is supposed to have the best in class HTML 5 and JavaScript performance. Finally, it will be 40% faster than the one on the old OS 6 - that's a huge improvement.

The BlackBerry Messenger 6 ships on the new OS by default. It's quite more social and focuses on easier sharing.
The 9860 and 9900 should officially launch September in the US, UK, most of Europe and presumably Canada, while the 9810 will launch this month by AT&T.

This just in: the Bold 9900 will be offered by T-Mobile USA for as low as $250 (with a $50 mail-in rebate). The device will be available from 31 August for customers (and 17 August for bussiness customers).
Author: Zep    Time: 5-8-2011 10:01 PM
Torch 2 tu cantik jugak bentuknya. promising jugak lah. harap2 harganya berpatutan.
Author: izfir    Time: 7-8-2011 11:09 PM
Dear all,

Nk tnya ada x yg tgk video kt I guna Bold 9780. Boleh bukak ,tpi xde gmbr,just suara je yg kluar and dekat screen kluar this 'the video portion of the media being played uses an unsupported format'. Kenape yea??help me please. Klu bukk youtube xde mslh plk
Author: izfir    Time: 7-8-2011 11:10 PM
Dear all,

Nk tnya ada x yg tgk video kt I guna Bold 9780. Boleh bukak ,tpi xde gmbr,just suara je yg kluar and dekat screen kluar this 'the video portion of the media being played uses an unsupported format'. Kenape yea??help me please. Klu bukk youtube xde mslh plk
Author: gurlfriday    Time: 8-8-2011 09:36 AM
if iols xde BB tp nk beli BB plabybook,ok ke?coz prnh bc review lg better de BB if nk pakai playbook
Author: akubudakmuor    Time: 8-8-2011 06:20 PM
storm 2.. bole upgrade OS 6 ke ?
Author: rockivalo    Time: 9-8-2011 09:30 AM
salam. sy dah guna bb da dkt 2 far memang xde prob.

recently lepas upgrade facebook 2.0, sy sempat pakai dlm beberapa hari and suddenly fb apps hilang!

da uninstall, reinstall balik fb app masih xde. bila download tak kuar kat download folder.

dkt app world ada tapi tak bole run. dkt options --> application ada pun tak bole run.

sy dah cuba mcm2 try download version 1.9 pun tak jadi jugak

sy guna os 5.

mohon otai2 BB kat cari kalo familiar dgn my problem bole tak bagi solution. buntu gila.

tq in advance
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 9-8-2011 11:08 AM
Reply 75# rockivalo

Uninstall fb, backup everything in your bb,  then wipe and fresh install  OS ke latest version possible for your device. Mun ada some settings terganggu dlm bb you
Author: rockivalo    Time: 9-8-2011 12:05 PM
wipe mcm mana ye? yg dkt option ke
Author: rockivalo    Time: 9-8-2011 01:01 PM
Reply 76# rayna_raynes

dah try wipe everything tapi still tak boleh.btw thanks rayna
Author: animaniac    Time: 10-8-2011 11:42 AM
salam, i ada problem dgn my bold 9000 . baru2 ni tangan ni menggatal upgrade OS 5 , ambik source OS dari blackberry punya website , dah upgrade mula2 dia ok je... smooth, everything goes fine and i like it very much .... sekali lepas 2-3 hari pakai, dia punya wifi buat hal ... "unable to turn wifi on" , buat la macam2 yg di suggest dalam international forum, battery pull , downgrade OS, upgrade OS . clean wipe guna BBSAK .. (lepas tu fresh installation) .... masih sama juga, tak boleh resolve .  refer dalam forum lain... bukan aku sorang je kena ni.. ramai lagi yg rupanya gatal tangan upgrade pi OS5 tak boleh dah nak turn on wifi.... sekarang ni mcm takde penyelesaian , sapa2 kat sini pernah kena same problem dan dapat resolve tak?
Author: animaniac    Time: 10-8-2011 12:00 PM
Reply  rayna_raynes

dah try wipe everything tapi still tak boleh.btw thanks rayna
rockivalo Post at 9-8-2011 13:01

re-install OS,sebolehnya dari your service provide macam maxis or celcom , size file biasa 114mb or 118mb , tengok ur existing bb pakai OS apa?
check dekat option > about .  download same OS

1. execute download file
2. cari dalam folder common file > RIM
3. cari folder Apploader > Loader.exe * dalam folder tu cari file vendor.xml dan delete ...
4. kemudian upgrade (or downgrade.. procedure sama ja)
5. jangan matikan phone, disconnect cable , matikan komputer semasa dalam proses upgrade..
6. bila OS dah upgrade , pi kat Host Routing Table dan Register
7. lepas tu ... pi la kat internet buka BB Application World , dari situ download la App World dulu (kena register user name) , lepas tu baru download FB ..

Insyallah , rasanya step2 diatas boleh resolve issue.

Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 10-8-2011 12:22 PM
Reply 78# rockivalo

wipe as in reformat bb you
Author: rockivalo    Time: 10-8-2011 01:04 PM
Reply 80# animaniac

ha nanti sy try install balik.
tapi source os tu nak amek kat blackberry la kan? kalo telco digi, nak amek katne?

maapla noob question.dulu upgrade thru desktop mcm tu xsilap.
Author: rockivalo    Time: 10-8-2011 01:17 PM
Reply 80# animaniac

  eh dah jumpa.dekat
will report back the result.


good luck in your wifi issue
Author: tuan_wu    Time: 10-8-2011 01:36 PM
bb apa yg paling best skang ?
Author: hiv_boyz    Time: 10-8-2011 02:48 PM
bajet nak angkat takut bb yg bru 2 masuk plak..adoi..nk tgu yg baru berjanggut la plak..skrang guna 9700...sesaje nak tukar..kekeke
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 10-8-2011 05:13 PM
Reply 85# hiv_boyz

    kalau sanggup tunggu, tunggu la. sebab beza 9900 dengan 9780 memang besar. 9780 mmg best, tapi khabarnya (rumors, unconfirmed sources) tak akan support upgrade ke OS7, unlike 9900 yang feature OS7. So ready je dalam 2K, tunggu 9900 keluar (expected to be released in Msia end of this year, latest early next year, but positively in nov/dec)

p/s: weakness 9900 setakat ni cuma bateri je. capacity terlalu kecik untuk processor 1.2GHz
Author: im_cyclist    Time: 10-8-2011 09:23 PM
blh x bb 9300 thetering jd modem?
Author: rockivalo    Time: 15-8-2011 08:57 AM
alhamdulillah my facebook 2.0problem  settled dah.

suspect digi bis prob kot utk sim yg migrated to digi ni.

tried install os mxis n use mxis sim ok la pulak.

digi2.. mujur x terbeli bold 3  ekoran tensi dgn prob ini.hehe
Author: hiv_boyz    Time: 15-8-2011 11:21 AM
yup..aku pun ada masalah ngan sim digi..bila pull battery, dia akan hang time tulisan blackberry...kena cabut 4 5 kali bru ok..dah 2 loading sgt lambat..bila try sim telco lain, xdak masalah pun..nnti la tukar sim digi baru..
Author: farahanafarah    Time: 16-8-2011 06:41 PM
Reply  rayna_raynes

    mmg dah paired x boleh send..bluetooth connection failed gitu. ...
ajercrazy Post at 28-7-2011 10:21

   klu nk bluetooth kne bukak media...g kat picture lepas tu tekan menu lepas tu pilih send using bluetooth kalau nak send pic..kalau nak receive pic pilih received using bluetooth...try pn guna bb bold 2
Author: farahanafarah    Time: 16-8-2011 06:46 PM
saya ada satu prob...kai bold ..da lama da...tak reg bis or bbm whatesoever sebab bb ni bf bagi so dia tak bagi berbbm bagai walaupun kehendak hati nak gak bbm..keh keh keh....probnya keypad tu bila taip selalu kalau taip a kua banyak a..contoh nak taip saya sedang makan dia kan jadi macam ni... saaayaaa ssedannggg.makkan??? huruf jadi double saya yang taip laju sangat or memang masalah keypad or memang sume bb mcm tu?
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 16-8-2011 09:23 PM
Reply 91# farahanafarah

mungkin keypad kotor atau kena air. caranya ambil hair dryer, jangan set bersuhu, guna angin sejuk je...blowkan keypad tu esp di celah2 bedah. ulang untuk beberapa kali sampai keypad unstuck. kalau lepas 3-4 hari blow tak ok jugak, bawak ke kedai or mintak org yang pandai tukar housing BB tolong buka dan cucikan di bawah keypad tu.
Author: farahanafarah    Time: 16-8-2011 10:54 PM
Reply  farahanafarah

mungkin keypad kotor atau kena air. caranya ambil hair dryer, jangan set be ...
rayna_raynes Post at 16-8-2011 21:23

   tak kene air..mayb kena tukay keypad kot..tq eh
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 16-8-2011 11:05 PM
Reply 93# farahanafarah

    jarang rosak, habuk biasanya
Author: 3haikal    Time: 17-8-2011 08:34 AM
Nak tanya sikit..

bajet dalam RM500 .. klu leh nak BB yg ada 3g ? so nak minta sesiapa cadangakan BB yg mana satu ........ dan kedainya sekali

P/s sekitar ampang .. kajang
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 17-8-2011 10:32 AM
Reply 95# 3haikal

    blackberry bold 9000 or curve 3g 2nd hand, boleh dapat harga tu rasanya
Author: 3haikal    Time: 18-8-2011 02:32 PM
so ada sapa2 kat sini nak jual BB dia ? hehehheheh
Author: rayna_raynes    Time: 18-8-2011 02:40 PM
Reply 97# 3haikal

    boleh cari di mudah atau LYN
Author: AcIkaNnA    Time: 22-8-2011 10:43 AM
salam semua..

nk tumpang tanye sikit.. acik baru beli bold 3, 2nd dari mber (die baru pakai dlm 2 blan), prob skrng ni, contact list tu still email die n my number appear unknown number... camne nk tukar yer....pastu contact details owner lama tak blh nk delete pulak..camne ekkk?? ade yg blh tolong
Author: hiv_boyz    Time: 22-8-2011 11:30 AM

woww wowwwwwwwwwwwww...harga mandi jgak la..huhu

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